Skin Care and Waxing

Skin Care

V.I.P. facial - all skin types $80.00
60 minutes - a customized facial appropriate for all skin types to address your
individual skin care needs. Includes cleansing, exfoliate to brighten, light extraction,
a relaxing facial massage and a mask for your specific needs.
Express Facial - all skin types $60.00
30 minutes - An excellent pick for me up the client on the go. This customized
facial includes a cleaning, exfoliation, light facial massage and customized mask.
Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - blackhead/blemish prone skin $90.00
75 minutes - This is a perfect treatment for acne prone skin. Concentrated
products and techniques are used to reduce oil, absorb impurities, sooth, and
balance and heal skin.
Teen Facial - all skin types $70.00
50 minutes [Ages 12-16] - Introduce your teenager to the world of skin care with
this treatment. This facial is customized for the individual needs while emphasizing
on how to maintain a healthy complexion.
Four Layer Facial - all skin types $95.00
75 minutes - Treat your skin to ultra-hydration and nourishment with this premier
anti-aging facial. With the use of vitamins, amino acids and minerals your skin
will be visibly firmer and smoother skin.
Back Cleansing Facial $75.00
60 minutes - As luxurious as a facial but dedicated to your back. This treatment
includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a mask.
Glycolic Peel Facial $100.00
60 minutes - Brighten your skin and help diminish the signs of aging with the
glycolic peel facial. This facial also includes a skin cleansing, minor extractions,
a relaxing facial massage and a soothing mask.
Glycolic Peel Facial $75.00
30 minutes - This lunch time peel for acne prone skin. This facial also includes
a skin cleansing; a peel to brighten and diminish signs of aging and a mask
to smooth the skin.
Salicyclic Acid Peel Facial $100.00
60 minutes - This peel is perfect for acne prone skin. This facial also includes
a skin cleansing, minor extractions, and a mask.
Salicyclic Peel Only $75.00
30 minutes - This peel is perfect for the client on the go. In a half an hour,
receive a cleansing, a peel to combat acne, and a mask.
Collagen Facial $75.00
A hydrating facial that helps with firming and nourishment to the skin.
Excellent before that big event.
Add a Skin Serum of Your Choosing to Any Treatment
to Enhance the Results of Your Services
Add a Soothing and Hydrating Seaweed Serum
and Seaweed Mask to any Treatment
Ear Candling $30.00
Receive this treatment as an add on or an individual service to your ears.
By lighting end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal,
this service not only removes wax, but toxins and promotes overall wellness.

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion Facial $100.00
75 Minutes - Diminishing fine lines, pigmentation and acne scarring with the
use of our “New Apeel” Microdermabrasion exfoliation system. Our diamond
tip wand, gently removes skin particles leaving a fresh smoother texture. This
treatment promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells, while receiving a
full facial as well.
Available in single sessions or packages.
Series of 6 Treatments Plus you get one Hydro Wand Session Included $500.00
$100.00 Savings  
Microdermabrasion Facial $60.00
30 Minutes - A quick treatment for the client on the go, Microdermabrasion
and a mask are included in this treatment. A great way to revitalize your skin
in less than an hour.
This treatment available in single session only
Diamond Tome Hydro Wand Add On $25.00
After your microdermabrasion you may want additional serums to boost your
treatments effects. Out hydro wand infuses a multi-vitamin, skin lightening,
acne, or deep moisturizing serum deeper into the skin where they are most effective.
Add on a hydo wand to any microdermabrasion treatment.

Waxing & Specialty

Eyebrow $14.00 & Up
Lip $12.00 $ Up
Chin $10.00 & Up
Full Face $40.00 & Up
Full Arm $50.00 & Up
Half Arm $30.00 & Up
Under Arm $25.00 & Up
Bikini $40.00 & Up
Brazilian $75.00 & Up
Full Leg $65.00 & Up
Half Leg $50.00 & Up
Chest $55.00 & Up
Back $50.00 & Up
Eyebrow Tinting $20.00 & Up
Eyelash Extensions $100.00 & Up
Eyelash Fill-Ins $75.00 & Up
Make-Up Application $65.00 & Up
Flash Eyelash Application $10.00 & Up