Spa Packages

Have Lunch On Us with any spa service over $125


Therapeutic V.I.P. Massage $115.00
90 Minutes - A massage tailored to your needs utilizing a firm pressure, using
a series of techniques designed to provide relief to muscle aches, discomforts.
Targeting specific complaints such as headaches, arthritis, sciatica, neck and
shoulder pain, helping to provide relief, and resulting in overall relaxation.
Therapeutic V.I.P. Massage $70.00 & Up
60 Minutes  
Aromatherapy Massage $90.00
Eases muscle stiffness and tension, increases circulation, warms deeper muscles,
decreases stress and anxiety with the use of heated stones.
Pre-Natal Massage $85.00
A massage specifically meant to relieve negative side effects of pregnancy.
Relieves headaches, alleviates backaches, enhances your ability to sleep
and reduces fatigue.
Deep Tissue Massage $95.00
This massage relieves muscle tension, provides deep pain relief, loosens scar
tissue and lengthens muscle perfect for chronic and overuse injuries.
Swedish Massage $80.00
Pamper yourself with a light to medium pressure full body massage using
various techniques. Stimulate blood circulation, tone the skin, and soothe the
muscles, resulting in an overall sense of relaxation.
Sports Massage $85.00
Perfect for the sports enthusiast! This massage helps prepare bodies for
optimal performance, recover after a big event, or function well during
training. This treatment emphasizes prevention and healing of injuries to
the muscles and tendons.
Trigger Point Therapy $95.00
This treatment relieves a tight area within muscle tissue that may be causing
pain in other areas of body with use of cycles of isolated pressure and release.
It helps naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.
Hot Stone Massage $120.00
Eases muscle stiffness and tension, increases circulation, warms deeper muscles,
decreases stress and anxiety with the use of heated stones.
Geriatric Message $75.00
A wonderful massage to encourage circulation, improve balance and flexibility,
reduce pain and anxiety and increase joint movement.
Foot Scrub Therapy $50.00
A massage “soley” for tired feet! Hydrate and protect your feet, while
relieving foot pain and discomfort.
NEW SERVICE - Intro to Reflexology - One Time Only  
Hands OR Feet - 20 Minutes  
NEW SERVICE - Reflexology 30 $30.00
Hands and/or Feet - 30 Minutes  
NEW SERVICE - Reflexology 60 $60.00
Hands and/or Feet - 60 Minutes  

Spa Packages

Salon V.I.P. Spa - One Year Membership Billed Monthly $59.00/month
Includes One V.I.P. Facial OR V.I.P. Massage per Month.  
V.I.P. Relaxation $90.00
Therapeutic V.I.P. Massage - 60 Minutes
Spa Pedicure
Touch of V.I.P. $130.00
 Therapeutic V.I.P. Massage - 60 Minutes
V.I.P. Facial
V.I.P. $125.00
Therapeutic V.I.P. Massage - 60 Minutes
V.I.P. Spa Manicure
Basic Pedicure
V.I.P. Retreat $190.00
Therapeutic V.I.P. Massage - 60 Minutes
V.I.P. Facial
V.I.P. Spa Manicure
V.I.P. Classic Pedicure
Therapeutic Massage Package $330.00
(5) 60 Minute Massages  

All massages are taxable. Gratuity suggested.
Call for other packages to accommodate your needs.

Club Packages

Microdermabrasion V.I.P. Club Buy 5 get the 6th for free. Plus 10% on all  Spa Products and one free Basic  Manicure.

Body Treatments

NEW SERVICE - Definitions Skincare - Cellulite & Body Contouring Treatment $100.00
Body Slimming and Smoothing Lessens Visible Signs of Cellulite
and Proven to Increase Skin Firmness
Slimming Detox Wrap $90.00
Uses harmonious blend of seaweed, chamomile flower, essential oils and aromatic
essence. This remedy has a high concentration of a specially mixed aromatic mint
blend, along with green tea and seaweed. This wonderful recipe of freshly blended
ingredients is designed to tone, hydrate and nourish the body as well as improve
blood circulation. These natural ingredients engage the body’s internal mechanism
to burn and fats and eliminates toxins. As a result, skin will appear hydrated and
toned, and the effect of the aromatic essence will create a relax feeling of well being.
V.I.P. Honey Body Polish $90.00
60 Minute - Natural Cleanser & Exfoliate with Pure Honey, Almonds and Fresh Buttermilk
All massaged into the skin helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells. Wrapped
in a thermal blanket and warm shower, a luxurious seaweed creme is massaged into
the body leaving the skin touchable and silky smooth.
Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $50.00
The Repechage Anti-Aging Treatment, exfoliating & deep hydrating treatment
combined with the best hand massage for maximum benefits